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38 Years of Experience

Following in family footsteps, Saeid Korhani established and introduced CAM Living to the rug business in 1982. Through hard work and investment, Korhani’s reputation for quality solidified and CAM Living has since been producing some of the best-selling broadloom and area rugs on the marketplace.

About Us

Established by Saeid Korhani, CAM Living’s focus is on providing the best service possible with the most professional team in place.

By the early 2000s, CAM Living was expanding and began investing in the most up-to-date technologies in machinery. CAM Living became fully integrated with an in-house yarn production facility. With our market knowledge, designs, and product development, CAM Living has propelled to be one of the leading and trend-forward companies in the flooring industry.

From production to supply and service, our team has strengthened CAM Living and made us one of the leaders in the rug industry. CAM Living’s competitive costs enable us to export to more than 22 countries.

The CAM Living design team and product development arm, (IGD), translates the most up-to-date fashions into flooring that fits mass production. From yarn development to actual area rugs and carpet, CAM Living and IGD are concentrated on meeting customer price point needs. The company’s production of more than 50 collections of the highest quality area rugs, accent mats, carpet tiles, and broadloom roll carpets are under strict step-by-step monitoring that ensures quality control, scheduled production and meets the requirements of independent auditing from leading retailers in the world.



Like a family, our team works hard together to keep the engine going. Our team here at CAM Living is dedicated to providing only the highest quality soft flooring products at the best cost available.


Led by Saeid Korhani, the CAM team focus is always quality and customer experience. We take our role in your home decor seriously and pride ourselves on our professional demeanor. Each CAM staff member is dedicated to servicing our clientele to the best of our ability and ensuring that your CAM product lives happily in your home.

CAM Living also provides private labels for some of the largest retailers in the world, as well as reputable distributors for smaller retail chains and markets. Our success is achieved by our dedication to every one of our partners, emphasizing the Return-On-Investment (ROI) and the highest level of service.


CAM Living has in-house yarn production, offering a large colour pallet with Pantone matching, and exclusive colour pallets for our customers. Designs are created by the International Graphic Design team, dedicated to creating the most trend-forward products on the market. By reviewing data and trends, they aim to provide our customers with designs that match their internal vision and design preferences.


CAM Living works with some of the best home decor distributors and retailers in North America and Europe. To match their standards, our customer service team is trained and specialized in quality service to ensure that all customer needs are handled in a diligent and courteous manner. CAM Living promises to help you in every way that we possibly can, and to handle all inquiries in a timely manner. We will work until you are happy.


With very tight quality control and monitoring scheduled through every stage of our production, CAM prides itself on being awarded ISO 9001:2008 for quality assurance. Quality control procedures comply with all international standards from raw materials to final product inspections. All necessary steps are taken to ensure every stage of production meets the highest levels of quality control.


In striving to maintain market leadership, CAM is constantly expanding our production processes to update to the newest technology equipment and our distribution facilities and processes. In the past few years, CAM has opened our Chicago, Illinois and Richmond, BC logistic centers to support the North American mid-west and western retail distribution centers. We are constantly looking forward in design, technology and service. 

In-House Capabilities

CAM Living stands out because of our fully integrated production operations. From the yarn up, we are able to manufacture every part of our rugs.


Our stunning, fully equipped showroom is located at the head office in Toronto. Filled floor to ceiling with a vast collection of quantities and products, the showroom is the perfect display of everything to offer here at CAM Living. Recently reconstructed to better highlight the products and how they’re displayed, our showroom has bright lights, and hanging racks to put our best product on display.

The CAM Living showroom now has wall planogram displays to showcase our product at the store level. Walkthrough and envision our products on display in your store, with all of their colours and details highlighted. 

We also created an integrated photography studio to take high-quality images of all CAM Living products, making sure you can explore all the details of our products! We work closely with our retailers to produce images that help expand their e-commerce capabilities and allow our rugs to reach our customers worldwide.


All CAM rugs are woven with our state of the art tufting machines and industrial-strength looms. In recent years we acquired a chromo jet digital printers that allow us to explore new technological ways to manufacture our area rugs, bringing newly printed designs to life on our high-quality area rugs.

We have in-house yarn production, with an almost limitless colour pallet, letting us control the quality of the materials we use in all CAM products. Having a strong material foundation lets us create and build durable flooring products.

CAM also continues to manufacture one-of-a-kind rugs that are handwoven by skilled artisans that display their passion and creativity. Beautiful & intricate, our artists use classic designs and colours that never go out of style and offer a rare and unique quality that is incomparable to machine-made rugs.



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