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The Bath Mat collections at CAM Living are essentials. Not only functional, preventing slips and falls, but they also keep your feet warm from the cold tile floors. 

Bath Mats are fun, stylish, and… necessary. They also come in a multitude of different shapes, sizes, and qualities to ensure that every bathroom aesthetic is met. Not only can bath mats add a punch of color and fun to an otherwise basic bathroom, but they are also necessary for safety. Bathroom floors get slippery when wet, and bath mats ensure there is a safe place to plant your feet.

All collections are designed with an anti-slip gel backing and are machine washable.


Bath mats can bring a soft and cozy feel to the room. Bath mats can be placed in a number of spaces around the bathroom, whether it be around the toilet, under the sink, or beside the bathtub. Having a bath mat in these high traffic areas ensures comfort at all times.


Bathrooms floors can get extremely slippery when wet, and bath mats provide a safe, non-slippery, comfortable release when stepping out of the shower or brushing your teeth. They also provide warmth against those cold bathroom floors.


Bathrooms are usually not considered the most exciting places in a home, but more and more people are dedicating time to create a space that matches their interior vision. Bath mats make it easy to add colour & fun prints to a bathroom, without having to commit to decor. There is something for everyone.

The Basics

Bath mats play a large role in not only shaping the look of your bathroom but also maintaining your flooring and improving your regular daily routine.

It’s important to consider size, material, durability, maintenance and any additional safety features a bath mat can provide before making your decision.

The difference between a bath mat & a bath rug.

Both will perform the same function of absorbing water and protecting your floors, however, there are differences in quality, backing, and purpose.

Bath Rug

Bath rugs differ from bath mats in texture and style. You will find bath rugs are fluffier and lend more comfort and luxury to your bathroom space. We offer bath rugs in fashionable designs and styles that add a touch of decor to your bathroom.

Bath Mat

A mat is almost an extension of a towel program, and is used to specifically absorb water following a shower or a bath. Most of CAM’s bath mats are equipped with a non-skid backing that prevents slips and falls.

Materials & Measurements

When deciding on the material, durability should also be considered first.

The location will help decide the best material for a bath mat or rug. Master bathrooms with daily use should consider a micro-fiber that can absorb moisture from daily showers & are easy to throw in the wash to clean. Guest bathrooms that are mostly decorative can house pretty cotton bath mats that aren’t as frequently used.


Another common fabric used in bathmats is Chenille. Soft and textured, this fabric gives bath mats a luxurious feel to your bath mat while still offering great absorbency. These fibres are often used to create noodle bathmats.


Printed rugs and mats are woven without a pattern and then a design is printed onto the


The go-to for bath mat materials.
Absorbant and molds to your feet, these bath mats are comfortable and offer great support for the first step out of the shower and getting ready in front of the mirror.


Cotton is a commonly used fabric for simple bath mats. Cotton is absorbent and cotton bathmats are often woven in a low-pile, allowing doors and cupboards to easily open over them.


Memory foam has exceptional water absorbency which makes it a great addition to bathrooms.  These bath mats truly shine in master bedrooms, by providing exceptional standing comfort for users who primp and prep for the day in the bathroom. It’s also effortless to take care of, simply toss it in the washer, and you’re done!


Polyester is one of the most common fabrics in area rugs and bath mats alike. In large part because polyester offers durability when it comes to rugs that will undergo high traffic. Polyester bath rugs are best placed in first floor bathrooms that will be used by everyone. Make sure to purchase a polyester bathmat that has a gel backing, to ensure there are no slips or falls! 


To make the best decision about a bathmat, start by measuring your entire bathroom and measuring the floor space where you want to place the rug.  Think about the position, which is usually the center of the room or in front of the bathtub – anywhere you might need to prevent slips and falls. Bath mats that are too small can be a safety hazard, however if it’s too large it may not lie flat. Rugs that will be placed in front of showers or sinks usually measure in at 17″ by 24″, while those measuring 21″ by 34″ fit well outside most tubs. 


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