Utility Mats

Utility Mats

Utility mats are used in places you require something a little different.

Whether you are working in your garage, workshop or laundry room, we have utility mats to easy your comfort and protect your floors from spills and other messes. They are sturdy and highly durable rugs and are easy to use, clean and move to anywhere you need it

Utility mats can be used anywhere you want to protect your floors from spills and messes, anywhere you are kneeling or standing for extended periods of time or any place that anti-slip may be important.


Our berber rugs are constructed by a loop pile, creating the appearance of a knot that mimics the distinct knot styles of traditionally hand-woven Berber carpets. These rugs are highly durable and great for places with heavy traffic.


Rubber mats are durable, shock-absorbent, slip-resistant and versatile. Easy to clean and place, these mats are great for filling in spaces that require a little extra protection, or take a bit of a harder hit from traffic and extremities.


Anti-fatigue mats are designed to help reduce strain on the human body. Place anywhere you find yourself standing for a long period of time, (the kitchen, laundry room, garage) and feel the difference the extra cushioning can make.


Adding a kitchen mat can help make the space your own.

There are a number of reasons to get a Kitchen mat; whether you want to add comfort, a touch of colour and style to your kitchen with fashion prints or to make long periods of standing a bit easier. 



Using a kitchen mat like an anti-fatigue mat can cushion hard floors and absorb the shock due to walking or standing, helping to reduce sore feet. It doesn’t matter where you place it, between the island and the cabinets or under the sink, the ease of moving these mats can give you the freedom to change your space as needed.



First step in choosing your kitchen rug, is evaluating your kitchen space and considering how much space you want to cover. If looking for a little extra cushioning at your prep area, choose a smaller rug with ample cushioning or an anti-fatigue mat.

To prevent spills from reaching your floors, place a mat under your sink or fridge. Kitchen mats in half-moons or crescent-shapes are great for both of these places, and rounded edges can soften the sharp lines of kitchen spaces.


• Tufted Polyester

• Anti-Fatigue

• Decorative Nylon

Consider a Runner

Runners are great of-the-moment rugs that add comfort to narrow spaces in hallways, foyers, kitchens, and urban nooks. Make sure the rug compliments the room’s palette, allowing the aesthetic to flow throughout the room and work with your textiles and wall art.

Adding a runner to your kitchen is a great way to revamp your flooring and add a touch of unusual decoration to the space. Placing a colourful runner along an island is a great way to hide stains, and they cover a larger surface of the floor, helping to maintain your kitchen floors.

To make it fit, measure the length of the galley and subtract 3-6 inches from the sides. This leaves the ideal space between your cabinets and the rug.

Door Mats

Door mats can be used either inside or outside your door.

Place in front of any entrance or doorway where you want to contain water, dirt and debris from entering your home or provide yourself or your guests a place to scrub or wipe off their shoes.

Most door mats are small. Sizes range from 18”x30” for boot trays, 20” x 30” for any doorway or even runners for placement in front of sliding glass doors or dual French doors.



Whether you are looking to add some color and style to your space or have a place for you and your guests to comfortably dry off or remove your shoes, doormats are a creative way to enhance your entrance spaces.

Door Mats are a great way to protect floors in high traffic areas such as front foyers, hallways, stairs, and kitchens. These highly durable rugs come in a variety of sizes and are used for various reasons such as: creating a sound barrier, protecting feet from cold floors, keeping floors dry in order to protect them and preventing slip and falls.


• Entrance Mats

• Boot Tray

• PVC Backed Mats

• Coir Mats

• Fashion Prints

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