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Make It Last

All CAM Living products will come with a tag instructing you on how to properly care for your rug. Review this for any special care instructions for your specific product.

General Tips

• Direct sunlight may cause your area rug to fade. Either place out of the direct sun or rotate every few months to reduce exposure.

• Avoid putting heavy furniture on your rugs without proper rug protectors.

• If you find you have creases, caused either in packing and shipping or from furniture resting on your rug, remove these creases by reverse rolling the area rug (pile side in) and resting your rug this way to allow it to relax.

• For harder to remove creases, use mild pressure on the back of the rug and roll the crease back and forth.

Spills & Stains

Clean spills immediately by absorbing the moisture and then blotting with a moist clean cloth, working from the outside edges of the spill towards the center. Do not rub as this can set the stain further or cause your pile to fray.


Most stains if addressed immediately will not set and can be removed with cold water and mild detergents. Natural solutions using water and vinegar can aid in further removal of these stains. For harder to remove stains, professional cleaning is recommended. Sprinkling baking powder on your rug and letting sit for 10-15 minutes will help to absorb scents. Vacuum the powder completely after letting it sit.


Shake your rug out before vacuuming to loosen any dirt or debris. Slowly vacuum your rug in the direction of the pile with an upholstery attachment, row by row. For longer pile rugs, do not use the vacuums beater bar or power head as this could cause damage to both your area rug and vacuum. Avoid vacuuming hand-knotted fringes and ensure that you are vacuuming higher traffic areas more frequently to extend the life of your rug.

Hand Made Specialty Rugs

Take special care when vacuuming your hand-made rugs. They should be vacuumed regularly to remove dirt, lift fibers and keep it looking new. If you use a brush attachment, set it on high so as not to damage the fibers. Soak up spills immediately with a paper towel and use only water to clean stains. Do not use harsh chemicals. Send your hand-made rug to a professional for deep-cleaning.

Patio Rugs

Patio rugs are very easy to clean. Simply shake out or rinse clean with a garden hose. Being outdoor rugs, they are constructed to withstand the outdoors and are therefore made with water and mold resistant materials. Hang to dry.


Hard Surfaces like boot trays, and anti-fatigue mats  can be cleaned by simply wiping clean with a damp cloth. Use a mild detergent for heavier spills. Soft surface mats like utility mats or fashion prints with Gel Latex backing are machine washable. Wash on a gentle cycle with warm water and then hang the mat to dry. All mats with woven backings should be cared for as rugs.

Accent Furniture

To keep your furniture piece in lasting condition, wipe down hard surfaces on a regular basis.  For fabric, light vacuuming or brushing is recommended to prevent overall soiling. Spot clean with a cloth using water and mild detergent. Simply wipe clean faux leather.