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Make your space your own, and add character with a well placed cushion.

Throw pillows are a small way to make a big impact. When it comes down to choosing the perfect pillow combination, colour, pattern and material all come into play.

The best place to start is with the basics: size. 

Standard Sizes

The key to choosing the right size is to keep in mind the proportion of the furniture piece it will be placed. Small pillows on large sectionals will get lost - alternatively, an oversized pillow on side furniture can create discomfort. 

Cushions aim to enhance and complement furniture, and when working with a variety of sizes and materials, think of the cushions as a collection, or a single unit that needs to be unified and in proportion of one another. 

18” X 18” and 20” X 20” are the two most standard cushions sizes. These will fit on most couches and chairs. These two sizes are a great place to start building an assortment.

Lumbar cushions are standard sized at 18” X 24” or longer in width. These are great little accent pieces to add pops of colour, texture, or pattern in front of a larger assortment of muted tones and colours. Place on a variety of furniture, including beds and accent chairs.

The Golden Rule

Rug first, cushions second.

Do I match my cushions to my rug?

Hotly debated, your throw cushions should contrast & complement your rug and overall home decor. 

1. Create a cohesive colour palette: the basic solid colour of your cushions should reflect accents in your rug, without antagonizing the aesthetic.  

2. Balance out your colours: rather than overwhelming the room with same colour.  Use different shades and textures to create depth. 

3. Keep in the mind the "one + three" rule:  settle for three colours from your rug and use them across your pillow selection. 

Colour & Pattern

One + Three

When you build an assortment of pillows for a room or a large piece of furniture follow the rule of choosing one cohesive colour & three different fabrics that work together. Balance is the basic key to create a decor pallette. 

Mix & Match

Texture is a characteristic that can reflected in both your rug and cushions. As a rule of thumb, if your area rug has a rough texture, you can safely place rougher cushions in the same room. If your rug is a softer quality or a shag, you can combine it with a softer cushion. 

Stick with the "one + three" rule: keep patterns limited to three.
A popular formula is 1 solid - 1 print - 1 texture. 

Transform the exterior of your home with colourful outdoor cushions.

CAM's outdoor cushions collections are weather resistant and fashion forward. You never have to compromise on making your outdoor accessories both stylish and durable. 

Choosing the right product.

Weather is a huge factor when considering outdoor pieces. Will the cushions sit in mostly the sun, or the shade? Do you live in a rainy climate? While all outdoor cushions are treated for the weather, different materials will react to weather in various ways.

Our outdoor cushions are 100% polypropylene & are both weather resistant and UV Treated. Rain or shine, CAM's products will remain in great condition. 

Outdoor Essentials

Comfort: No matter your budget for outdoor furniture, you could always use a little extra comfort for those long summer days spent in the sun.  Look for thicker filled outdoor cushions, that will add a layer of protection from hard metal furniture. 

Style: In a short summer season, you want to get the most out of your time outside. Focus on creating an inviting space that is makes you want to sit outside. When you buy within your personal style, those outdoor cushions can come inside in the fall and be popped on your indoor couches.