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Space dyeing

A unique process that creates breathtaking colour patterns.

The process is defined by applying multiple colours to the length of the yarn.

Traditionally, area rug and carpet fibers are batch dyed, often in large vats where the yarn is immersed into the dye for total saturation. This limits the amount of colour that can go into one length of yarn, and requires multiple pieces of yarn to create a multi-colour appearance.

Space dye allows one piece of yarn to be dyed in varying colours. The yarn is dyed without tension, creating better carpet coverage. Each colour is applied to the yarn individually, creating totally unique and complex colour patterns within one length.

As a carpet fiber, space dyed polyester has several advantages:

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

• Space dyed fibers have no waste of dyestuff

• Reduced water consumption

• High colour fastness

• Clear spot definition

• No dyestuff migration

Durable & Long-Lasting

Space Dye Polyester is:

• Fade Resistant

• Fire Resistant Stain Resistant

• UV Resistant

• Stain Resistant

It is one of the most stain resistant fibers available in carpet production, more so than nylon and wool. It is composed of closed-cell fibers that prevent stains from adhering to the fibers and sinking into the rug.

Additionally, the fiber is very soft.

Space Dye polyester area rugs are very rare.

This fiber is mostly used for high-end broadloom carpet projects because of its high-end production & ability to display multiple colours within one rug.

CAM Living is proud to manufacture such a rare quality.