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40 Years of Excellence

CAM Living always continues to improve, imagine, and innovate for our retail partners, as the leading supplier of home goods and soft flooring. The story of our brand CAM Living is a deep legacy of customer service, innovation, hard work, integrity and excellence in production.

Strengths & Skills

1. Market Leadership

With fully integrated production facilities, market knowledge, designs, and product development, CAM has propelled to be one of the leading, trend-forward companies in the flooring industry.

2. Limitless Colour Options

CAM is proud to offer the largest colour creels available in every one of our collections. CAM’s in-house yarn production can match any colour pallet decor and has always been the companies top strength.

3. IGD Design Team

The CAM Living design team and product development arm, (IGD), translates the most up-to-date fashions into flooring that fits mass production.

4. Operations & Service

All CAM products are under strict step-by-step monitoring that ensures quality control, scheduled production, and meets the requirements of independent auditing from leading retailers in the world. CAM is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

We take our role in your home décor seriously, offering only exceptional service to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

Under the leadership of our delegated directors, the CAM team focus is to strive for the best service we can offer our customers. Each CAM staff member is dedicated to servicing our clientele to the best of our ability and ensuring that your CAM product lives happily in your home.


CAM Living also provides private labels for some of the largest retailers in the world, as well as reputable distributors for smaller retail chains and markets. Our success is achieved by our dedication to every one of our partners, emphasizing the Return-On-Investment (ROI) and the highest level of service.


CAM Living has in-house yarn production, offering a large colour pallet with Pantone matching, and exclusive colour pallets for our customers. Designs are created by the International Graphic Design team, dedicated to creating the most trend-forward products on the market. By reviewing data and trends, they aim to provide our customers with designs that match their internal vision and design preferences.


CAM Living works with some of the best home decor distributors and retailers in North America and Europe. To match their standards, our customer service team is trained and specialized in quality service to ensure that all customer needs are handled in a diligent and courteous manner. CAM Living promises to help you in every way that we possibly can, and to handle all inquiries in a timely manner. We will work until you are happy.