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CAM Living accent furniture offers surface, storage, and seating options that reflect your design choices and match your decor.

Although these pieces are functional, they go beyond that. Use accent furniture in any room of your house to add simple style or so with a fabric that has a high impact trending design.

CAM Living’s collection of furniture is constructed with the highest quality materials and can come in a variety of shapes and constructions including plastic, wooden or metal legs, chrome or matte finish, and can be upholstered with a fabric or faux leather seat. With a vast option of fabrics and colors, our collections allow you to complement your own style


In addition to serving as a footrest in front of your favorite sofa, ottomans can create additional seating in a limited space.

Ottomans are incredibly functional and can be an attractive piece in your décor. They can be used in the bedroom, gaming room, family room or even the guest room among other places. Regardless of where you position your ottoman, you will see that it can be the perfect place to store odds and ends like throw cushions, blankets, games or even your sewing kit.

Chairs & Bar Stools

Create cozy corners or tuck them into your breakfast bar in the kitchen. No matter where you find you need extra seating, comfortable chairs and bar stools are just what you need.

Not only are they great for added seating, but they provide much more. Ideally sold in pairs, use those to complement your décor style, or for creative havoc with a pop of strong colour adding contrast.

End Tables

End tables create a space for you to add lighting, set down books and drinks, or add smaller décor elements for display.

These tables are normally set at the ends of large pieces of furniture such as a sofa or bed. While that is the function, end tables today have variety in their styles to ensure you find the best fit for your décor. Nesting end tables are versatile offering an extra surface area and neatly stacking away when you don’t.

 C-Tables make a great addition to your living room. Used as a surface for working or eating, these tables are perfect for smaller spaces. The bottom is slim enough to slide under the couch allowing you to pull the table up close.

Seat Benches

Whether you are looking to solve storage problems or looking to add seating to your space, CAM Living’s offers an extensive collection of bench seats. 

An upholstered bench it at the end of your bed gives you a space to sit and put on your socks. Placing one in your living room can create a comfortable place to meet with family and friends. No matter where you use yours, these benches come in such a wide variety of fabrics and colours, so you can finish any room with a CAM Living bench, adding simple style or a high impact trending design.

Quality & Construction

CAM Living’s collections of Accent Furniture are constructed with the highest quality materials and come in a variety of shapes and constructions. With a vast option of fabrics, finishes and colours, our collections allow you to complement your own style.

Make it Last

To keep your furniture piece in lasting condition, wipe down hard surfaces on a regular basis.  For fabric, light vacuuming or brushing is recommended to prevent overall soiling. Spot clean with a cloth using water and mild detergent. Simply wipe clean faux leather.