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CAM Living Collections

CAM Living manufacturers rugs for some of the biggest retailers in North America.
We pride ourselves on offering area rugs and other home furnishing goods made with the most up-to-date technology, in the latest styles and at the best price on the market.

The catalogues below are available to browse and show just how unique and diverse the CAM Living collections are.

CAM Living 2022 Indoor Rug

CAM Living 2021 Indoor Rug

CAM Living 2020 Indoor Rug

CAM Living 2019 Indoor Rug

Outdoor Catalogues

Our outdoor rugs offer you the versatility of designing your outdoor spaces and protecting your deck by keeping the damaging elements from the surface.

CAM Living 2021 Outdoor Rug

Accent Furniture

CAM Living’s collection of furniture is constructed with the highest quality materials and can come in a variety of shapes and constructions.

CAM Living Accent Furniture 2021


CAM's cushions collections are durable and fashion forward. We only work with the best materials, that ensure your furniture will be accessorized with only the top quality available in cushions.

CAM Living Cushions 2022

CAM Living Cushions 2021