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Once you’ve decided to invest in a CAM Living rug, it’s important to think about placement and learn about care and cleaning.

To help maximize your usage of the rug and ensure that your CAM product lasts for years to come, we’ve put together two guides to help you make the best decision for your space.


Your floor coverings set the tone of your décor when people walk into your rooms. When choosing which is the right rug or mat for your space, it can help to ask yourself a few questions, like what the purpose of the rug is, and what kind of space you want to place it.

Make It Work

When you’re preparing to purchase your rug, there are a few key questions to ask yourself before you shop. Taking these into consideration will make the decision to purchase easier, and will help guarantee you are happy with your rug once it comes home with you.

Where am I placing it?

If you are placing it in a small room or doorway, a smaller size rug or mat is better for space. If you are in a long but narrow room, a runner may be just what you need. It doesn’t need to fill the whole space but the rule of thumb would be having about 10 – 20 inches of bare floor between the walls and your rug. This rule doesn’t apply to doormats where being placed directly beside the door helps to trap the debris. For larger rooms, larger area rugs are used and the size depends on your own space and requirements.


Tip to follow: ensure that when someone is seated, their feet are on fabric rather than the floor.

What is the purpose?

Defining the purpose of your floor covering can help narrow down the choices. You could be looking to protect the floors, bring comfort to your room or soften noises using the fabrics, or maybe you are just looking to bring a pop of colour into your décor. You may even need your rug for more than a single purpose.


Narrowing down the purpose can bring you closer to the styles you want. Soft shags can bring you the comfort you are looking for and provide an insulation from entertainment noises. Looped pile rugs like Berbers are best for high traffic areas as the dust and dirt won’t be trapped as easily and they are easy to clean.


When it comes to color, if you are fitting a rug or mat into your existing décor, neutral shades are maybe the best way to go, however, if you are passionate about certain colors or patterns, don’t be afraid to go all out! There are an also few things to remember when choosing the texture of your rug. Keep in mind the purpose of your rug. A shag rug is perfect for putting your bare feet on first thing when you climb out of bed, but it is not as easy to clean food out of it under you dining room table.

What is my budget?

Before you decide to purchase a rug or mat, and you have identified the size and purpose of your rug, you need to decide on the budget you are willing to spend. Mats can be budget-friendly as they are smaller than most area rugs.


With rugs, the pricing can vary greatly. Machine-made area rugs are the most cost-effective in this market, are designed with the current trends and original look-alike designs of traditional Persian and Oriental rugs. Hand-made rugs are understandably more expensive due to the time and artistry that is needed to achieve the beauty that they are known for. If you are looking for an investment piece or an heirloom, it may be that you will need to set aside thousands of dollars for the right piece. If you are looking to purchase a hand-made rug, it is imperative that you do your research in choosing hand-made rugs to ensure authenticity.

What if I have allergies or pets?

Although wool rugs are hypoallergenic, they are not the most durable of non-allergenic carpets. Not only are they more cost-effective, but synthetic fiber rugs made with Nylon and Olefin are non-toxic, stain-resistant and more durable than the natural wool. Both are great options for allergies and pets. One of the most important things though is pile height. Shag rugs are not a great option as they trap allergens and pet hair in the pile that is hard to clean out, even with a vacuum. Lower piles are better and looped piles like Berbers are even easier to clean.