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Carpet creates a seamless appearance making your room seem to stretch on and feel larger.

Broadloom carpet and carpet tiles provide warmth and comfort to your space. Carpeted floors cushion the impact of slips and falls and absorb sound to reduce noise while the installation hides all edges under the baseboards. Carpet is constructed primarily through cut and loop methods.


Commercial & Residential

Carpet tiles are great for heavily-used spaces in the house. Easy to clean and replace when damaged, they make a great addition to basements, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Our broadloom makes a great addition to any home space, and we can offer all of our products for smaller residential spaces


Our wall-to-wall broadloom program features a fully integrated production that allows for a variety of designs and colours.

Broadloom is carpet that has been woven on a wide loom, and generally refers to tufted carpet that is installed wall-to-wall. We offer the basics of level-loop carpets to luxurious 12th gauge plush, full patterned carpets. CAM’s broadloom products are most commonly made in nylon and polypropylene, ensuring softness and durability.


• Fully tested and CE certified.

• Seamless appearance, helps make rooms appear larger and more spacious.

• Incredibly soft and comforting, especially in our plush friezes.

• Improves air quality and reduces indoor pollutants when properly maintained.

Carpet Tiles

Our carpet tiles are our fastest growing industry.

Carpet tiles are created from broadloom, but cut into squares, rectangles or sometimes unique shapes that can be placed together in patterns. They are incredibly easy to install and maintain, making them great for either your home or office.


• Incredibly easy installation.

• Carpet tiles can be layed over any flooring, including wood and tile – meaning you can revamp any space without all the work of a major renovation.

• Variety in design makes it possible to add depth and texture to any space.

• Easier to care for than standard wall-to-wall broadloom.



Loop carpet is made up of fibers that are tufted and left uncut, creating a loop. If they’re even or level, they are a level loop. If they are tufted with high and low loops, you have a patterned or graphic loop

Cut Loop

Cut Loop refers to carpets that are made up of a a mix of cut and loop, creating unique patterns and textures that bring your flooring to life.


When the fibres of the rug are tufted and cut, this creates a texture called a cut-pile. The fibres stand upwards and create a softer, more plush texture. The length and twist of the fibres define the style of cut-pile (i.e: plus, freize, etc.,.).