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Within the past decade, area rugs have climbed back into the home decor scene with a vengeance.

Area Rugs are a fantastic way to add colour or warmth to your room, enhancing your décor. CAM Living area rugs combine the right colours, textures and patterns to suit any style or need for your home. An area rug can help you to section off open spaces by creating cozy corners, or act as a centerpiece to complete a room.

Choosing the right floor covering for your space can be fun. Feeling the different textures and qualities from the different constructions can be a sensory experience. It can also give you a real feel for which one will be right for your space.

The type of yarn and construction is important in choosing a rug for your space. Hand-knotted rugs may not be as comfortable to sit on as a plush shag, and you would not want to use one in a high traffic area as it is more of a piece of art and not as durable as other materials. 

Natural Materials

While most rugs today are created in synthetic fibers due to the cost effectiveness, Natural yarns have been used for a long time in creating rugs and mats. They have rich textures and are naturally distinct in their colourations. The best part is natural materials are eco-friendly as they come from renewable resources like plants or animals that naturally grow the fibers.  Although they are made from Natural materials, these rugs and mats should not be used outdoors.


Wool has been used for centuries to make some of the most beautiful rugs. Wool is a natural material that is soft and naturally stain-resistance due to the lanolin that is found within. It is also one of the hypoallergenic yarns making it a great option for allergies and pets. Wool rug tend to naturally shed. Vacuuming your wool rug will reduce and eventually stop the shedding within a few weeks.


Cotton is one of the materials that is commonly used in soft backings and flat weave rugs. It holds dyes well and therefore you can find rugs and mats with some of the most vibrant patterns and colours. You should never use cotton in an area that has a lot of moisture or spills as cotton tends to absorb it and stain easily.

Synthetic Materials

Over time, the advancement in production of synthetic rugs has improved and most rugs and mats today are created in synthetic fibers due to the cost effectiveness. The durability of these yarns and the colours and designs available make them an attractive alternative to Natural fiber rugs and one of a kind traditional Persian and Oriental rugs. These rugs are available in many styles and can be used indoor or outdoor depending on the materials used.


Nylon is one of the most common and durable synthetic fibers on the market. For high traffic areas, this is the perfect yarn. It is soil and mildew resistant, easy to clean and non-allergenic. One of the softest synthetic yarns, it is very versatile and can be found in all different constructions, from berber loops to plush cut piles.


Polyester is very soft to the touch and one of the most beautiful yarns for a rug or mat. One of the reasons for this is that they are easy to dye and therefore you can find vibrant colours to create accents in your décor. Polyester is fast drying and stain resistant, but it is better suited for lower traffic areas as the resiliency does not retain as well as other synthetic fibers.


Olefin is one of the few yarns that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It resists mildew and moisture, soils and stains and is machine washable depending on the backing. Recent advances in the production of Olefin yarn are creating a softness comparable to Polyester.  This with the natural stain resistance makes it a great choice for family rooms or areas that may see a lot of spills. Olefin is also one of the most colourfast yarns, and great for areas that see a lot of sun exposure. For higher traffic areas, looped styles like level loop or berbers are a better choice in this yarn. 


At CAM we own all of our production facilities. That means we control the entire production process from design to creation to export. We have state-of-the-art equipment that gives us the freedom to manufacture a variety of rug types, that use different construction techniques

Power Loomed

Power Loomed rugs and mats are woven using automated textile weaving machines. The machine looms are powered by electricity and the designs are produced by entering them into a computer making it the same every time. These looms can be 4 – 5 meters in width and using a power shuttle to push the weft threads through the warp threads. Human intervention may be required to replace the yarn bobbin. Power looming is used in flat weaves, cut and loop and cut pile constructions and is commonly woven onto jute, cotton or polypropylene backings.


Tufted rugs and mats are often found in the home. Most wall-to-wall broadloom is constructed by tufting. What this means is that needles will push the yarn through a backing to create the pile surface. Backings can differ from PVC on carpet tile backing, gel latex, cushioned backing to action woven backing which is a harder material that holds the yarn in place with adhesive. Commercial carpet like level loop and berber loop constructions are generally tufted products.

Hand Knot

One-of-a-kind hand-knotted rugs are created using an artist’s passion and creativity. They are beautiful and intricate using classic designs and colors that never go out of style. These rare and unique pieces have a quality that is incomparable to machine-made rugs. They are much more durable and if taken care of properly, can last a lifetime. Intricate designs can tell the story of the artist, passed down for generations and unlike machine-made rugs, each is unique.

They are usually made of silk or wool and are loomed by hand which can take several days of labor to complete. The more time required, the more valuable the rug. They can be folded in either direction and the backing will have the same pattern as the pile surface. If you are looking to purchase a hand-made rug, be sure to know what to look for first!


Printed rugs and mats are woven without a pattern and then a design is printed onto the fabric.  CAM Living is able to print any design onto a variety of our rug qualities, and have both chromojet and digital printers.

Choromojets and digital printers inject the dye with incredible precision into the face of the fabric. For printing, these colors are pressurized (1-3 bar) and supplied directly to the jets, which are electromagnetically opened and closed up to 1,200 times per second. The machine never has to touch the fabric surface to place the print onto of the pile. There are no screens in digital printing, which means that any pattern can be repeated without any issue.